Offering our expert analysis


In the event that an application for planning permission and/or listed building consent is refused, our experienced staff will offer expert analysis of the best way forward. In many cases a satisfactory compromise can be found and a revised application to the Local Planning Authority is sometimes the best option.

However this is not always possible or desirable and we are able to advise whether an appeal application to The Planning Inspectorate, against a refusal or undesirable condition, is suitable.

We have a large and varied appeal caseload, ranging from written representation appeals to hearings and complex public inquiries. We will advise which of the three appeal procedures is best suited to your needs, budget and timeframe:

Written procedure – the submission of written documents from the Appellant and the Local Planning Authority. This is usually the fastest and cheapest method. The appointed Inspector will make a judgement following consideration of the submitted material and a visit to the site.

Hearing procedure – less formal than an inquiry and involves a more relaxed meeting with all parties including the Inspector followed by a site visit. Legal representatives are not usually involved.

Inquiry procedure – a formal event where individual witnesses may be cross-examined by Legal Counsel in front of the Inspector. Inquiries are usually used for complicated or controversial applications.

How can DLA Town Planning Ltd help you through your planning processes?

A consultation with you can be easily arranged enabling us to outline the possibilities available to you and your project team.