Expert advice on potential grounds of household appeal

Household Appeals

If you have received a refusal of planning permission for  the extension or alteration of your house, this can normally be appealed under the Householder Appeals procedure.  This provides an accelerated procedure for dealing with such proposals, but cannot be used for schemes relating to flats or Listed Buildings, which would need to follow the Full Planning Appeal procedure used for larger and more complex schemes.

The Procedure
Householder Appeals have to be lodged with the Planning Inspectorate within 12 weeks of the date of  a refusal of permission by the Council.  Unlike Full Appeals, all householder appeals follow a written procedure, with no option for you or the Council to present their case in person.  The appointed Inspector will make a judgement following consideration of the submitted material from all parties, and a visit to the site. The Inspector’s decision is issued in the form of a letter setting out their reasoning for reaching their decision.

We offer the following service, to maximise your chances of success

A review of the Council’s decision and an assessment of your chances of success – we will not give false hope and will advise if we consider that your interests would be best served by an amended application, as opposed to an appeal.

·   Undertake a site visit to understand the Site’s context

·   Lodge the appeal with the Planning Inspectorate, to include the preparation of a comprehensive written statement, taking full account of the reasons for refusal and statutory consultations, providing a justification for the proposal in the context of national and local planning policy.

·   Track the progress of the appeal and confirm the date of the site visit by the Planning Inspector

·   Inform you of the decision, providing an assessment of the Inspector’s reasoning – even if an appeal fails, an Inspector’s decision letter may signpost an alternative way forward.

 For an initial assessment, please complete a contact form.
To assist us please provide the address of the property; the name of the Council; and the Council’s reference number.

As there is a relatively small window to appeal the refusal of householder applications of 12 weeks, please get in contact ASAP, so that we can maximise the time available to prepare your case.

How can DLA Town Planning Ltd help you through your planning processes?

A consultation with you can be easily arranged enabling us to outline the possibilities available to you and your project team.