A wealth of experience

Strategic Planning

Land can be “strategic” either because of its large size or because of the timescales involved in delivery.

In terms of large sites, DLA Town Planning has previously worked on an urban extension of 600 dwellings and is currently promoting a new settlement of around 1,600 homes. Local authorities are increasingly looking to larger sites to meet challenging housing targets and we are comfortable working at this larger scale. DLA Town Planning also acts for a number of clients with parcels of land adjacent to or part of strategic sites and we’ve developed expertise in coordinating plans and facilitating discussions with local authorities across site boundaries.

At the same time, smaller sites can also be “strategic” if they need promoting through the Local Plan process. DLA Town Planning represents a variety of landowners and developers to promote their site through Local Plans and has been successful in getting sites allocated, including having sites removed from the Green Belt.

How can DLA Town Planning Ltd help you through your planning processes?

A consultation with you can be easily arranged enabling us to outline the possibilities available to you and your project team.