Witts End Farm, Bedfordshire

Planning permission has recently been granted for the redevelopment of Witts End Farm in Bedfordshire which allows for the creation of 5 dwellings. Witts End Farm is situated within the Green Belt and is located in the village of Eversholt.

The site already benefitted from an approved consent for the conversion of some of the existing agricultural buildings to 5 dwelling houses, however, this was not implemented and became our fallback argument. By establishing that there would be a reduction in volume and footprint of this new application compared to the fallback position from the extant permission, and through the use of case law regarding Class Q conversions and fallback positions, we successfully argued for the approval.

The design of the dwellings will reflect a barn-like structure with staggered roof height as per the original buildings on the site, with traditional materials being used throughout.

Another great success!